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Meng 1/35 Russian Terminator Fire Support Combat Vehicle | TS010

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The Russian BMPT "Terminator" fire support combat vehicle is a high maneuverability multi-purpose tracked combat vehicle. It is based on the chassis of the T-90A tank. 30mm automatic guns, 7.62mm machine guns and anti-tank missile system are mounted on the turret. Mounted on both fenders of the front hull are two 30mm grenade launchers; explosive reactive armour modules are fitted on the front and both sides of the hull; there are five crew members. It can coordinate with any tanks in battles in different geographical conditions. Its advantage is particularly prominent in the urban battles.

There were ups and downs in the process of development of BMPT. Its research started in the 1980s. However, it was suspended several times for various reasons. Until 2002, the real vehicle of BMPT made its debut. Because of its multi weapons and mighty appearance, the BMPT is named the "Terminator".

This 1/35 scale Russian "Terminator" fire support combat vehicle BMPT plastic model kit has the following features: all crew hatches are movable like on the real vehicle; grenade launcher operators' armoured compartments are rotatable; all weapons on the vehicle are movable; lights, periscopes and optical equipment are provided with clear parts; realistic torsion bar suspension is movable; a brand new tool is provided for positioning the suspension; cement-free workable double-pin tracks are provided; three paint schemes are included.

  • The "Terminator" Is Precisely Modeled; Details On The Rear Of The Hull Are Accurately Reproduced.
  • All Crew Hatches Are Movable; Anti-Slip Surfaces Are Naturally Apparent.
  • There Are Distinctive Bolts On The Side Armor Plates And Rich Details On The Slat Armor.
  • It Can Be Painted As Shown In Russia Arms Expo 2013. Its Powerful Weapons Make It Look Mightier.
  • It Can Also Be Painted As Shown In Russian Expo Arms 2009. All Weapons Are Movable.
  • It Is Equipped With The KMT-8 Mine-Cleaning System And EMT Electromagnetic Countermine System Which Can Also Be Used With MBTs Like T-90.
  • Cement-Free Workable Double-Pin Tracks Increase The Sense Of Reality.
  • Mirror Film Is Provided For The Rear View Mirrors, So You Will Never Need To Make It By Yourself.
  • The Kit Is Comprised Of Green, Black And Clear Plastic Sprues, PE Frets, Paint Mask And Mirror Film. A Tool Is Provided For Positioning The Suspension.
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