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Takom 1/35 M9 ACE U.S Armored Combat Earthmover | 2020

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SKU: TAK2020 The M9 (ACE) Armored Combat Earthmover is a highly mobile armored tracked vehicle that provides combat engineer support to front-line forces. Fielded by the United States Army, its tasks include eliminating enemy obstacles, maintenance and repair of roads and supply routes, and construction of fighting positions.

Kit features 1-piece lower hull, multi-piece upper hull, excellent exterior detail, detailed suspension with workable track links, suspension can be built in raised or lowered position, well detailed operator's controls, smoke grenades, separate on-vehicle tools and equipment, drivers compartment armored cupola with eight vision blocks, detailed blade can be (raised and lowered), ejector moves (forward and back), photoetch parts and transparent parts (vision ports and lights).

Decals and painting reference for 8 Armored Combat Earthmover: (x5) US Army; Taiwan Army; South Korean Army and South Korean Marines.
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