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Freedom Models 1/48 1/48 X-47B US Navy UCAS | 18001

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SKU: FRE18001 Freedom Model Kits is a new kit maker on the scene, and here's their very first offering: the Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned combat air vehicle, in 1/48 scale!

First test flown in 2011 with the first carrier-based testing starting in 2012, the X-47B was the first ever unmanned aircraft to make an arrester hook landing on and a catapult launch off of an aircraft carrier in 2013. A weapons payload of up to 4,500lb (2,000kg) can be carried in 2 weapon bays. A large aircraft, the X-47B has a 62-foot (19m) wingspan. The high subsonic aircraft will continue testing and is planned to be operational by 2019.

Freedom Model Kits kit of the X-47B features excellent detail throughout, with options for landing gear position, flaps and weapons bay doors positions, and arrestor hook position. Optional parts are provided to depict the nose gear in the parked or ready for launch position. The wings can be positioned folded or extended. Also includes 2 GBU-32 bombs for the weapons bays, plus decals for multiple versions. It's a big model in 1/48 scale, measuring over 24cm long with a nearly 40cm wingspan.
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