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Trumpeter 1/35 USMC LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense) | TRUM00393

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The light armored vehicle (air defense variant) consists of what equates to an Avenger turret mounted on the chassis of a light armored vehicle LAV-25. Its primary mission is to provide low altitude air defense against forces from airborne threats by fixed and rotary winged aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles capable of speeds of zero to 500 NMPH, at ranges within the envelope of the Stinger Missiles and the 25mm ammunition. A secondary mission is to provide ground defense against light armored mechanized forces The Blazer turret includes a forward-looking infrared targeting sight, a laser range finder, and the option of employing either Stinger missiles or the rapid-fire GAU-12/U 25mm Gatling gun. The system maintains all the capabilities of the LAV-25 and Avenger with subtle differences. The crew compartment inside the light armored vehicle allows two operators with separate windows in the turret to search and scan the air from inside the vehicle.

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