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Trumpeter 1/35 Italian Puma 4 x 4 Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle | TRUM05525

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The Puma light wheeled armoured fighting vehicle family consists of the Puma 6x6 and the Puma 4x4. The vehicles were developed and are produced by the Consorzio Iveco Fiat - Oto Melara of Italy for the Italian Army. First prototypes completed in 1988, with a total of five testbed vehicles being completed by 1990. At first the Puma was intended to complement the Centauro wheeled tank destroyer in service with the Italian Army’s Cavalry Regiments, but today most infantry regiments of the Italian Army have also been equipped with Pumas. Eight cavalry regiments and two special forces regiments are equipped with a total of 330 Puma 4x4 vehicles. The 4x4 "Puma" carries 3 troops plus driver.

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