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Trumpeter 1/35 German NBFZ (Type I) (new Construction) Nr.2 Rheinmetal | 05527

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SKU: TRUM05527 Wehrmacht prototype Neubaufahrzeug multi-turreted heavy tank, Krupp design with main turret mounted 37mm KwK L/45 gun beside its coaxial 75mm KwK L/24 gun. Features well detailed exterior, rolling running gear, workable link injection-molded track (with assembly template), separately molded hatches, ample individual on-vehicle tools and equipment, 2 circular pattern machine gun turrets, main turret with whip antenna, new tool cupola, turned metal main gun barrels plus photo-etch grille, brackets and flanges. Decals and color painting guide for a single German vehicle in overall Panzer Gray camouflage.
  • The kit consists of over 1170 parts
  • the kit w/refined detail
  • multi-slide moulded lower hull , upper hull and turret
  • Over 250 individual tracks links 
  • Included Photo-etched parts & metal gun barrel
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