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Trumpeter 1/35 BJ212 Military Jeep with Rocket Launcher | 02320

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SKU: TRUM02320 PLA Type 63 107mm Rocket Launcher and BJ212 Military Jeep. Beijing half tonne, 4-wheel drive, diesel-powered, light-duty, offroad utility military vehicle with towed 12-tube multiple rocket launcher. BJ212 has detailed frame with separate suspension and exhaust elements, multi-part engine and driveline, full passenger interior, removeable hood, separately molded doors and tailgate, 1-piece raised convertible top, metal rear axle and vinyl tires. Type 63 has well detailed carriage, 107mm rockets (x12), brass launch tubes, photo-etch details and vinyl tires - may be assembled in firing or transport configuration. Color painting guide for a typical Chinese Army vehicle and weapon plus decals for BJ212 dash panel gauges.
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