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Trumpeter 1/25 1964 Ford Falcon Spring Hardtop Stock Plus | 02507

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The Ford Falcon started off in 1960 as a compact sedan and the design was successful in sales. Improvements were made to the design including more trim options and different engines, but Ford decided to launch a new generation of the Falcon to draw upon a younger demographic.

In 1964, the new Ford Falcon was launched that featured a more squared off body style and a modern look. One option added to the Falcon that year was the Sprint package that offered the Ford 289 V8 engine, stiffer suspension, and other details. While the concept was good, Ford's timing wasn't - in mid-1964 Ford used the Falcon chassis and 289 engine to launch a new car - the now-legendary Mustang. With the Mustang on the streets, Falcon sales fell and the Sprint option was discontinued after 1965.

Ford tried to revive the Falcon in 1966 with another redesign using a new body style and proportions more in line with the Mustang. In a last-ditch effort to save the brand, Ford transfered the Falcon name to the lower-cost Fairlane design, but this new approach wound up competing unsuccessfully with another Ford low-end car - the Maverick. Despite their best efforts, the Falcon production line would cease after 1970 while the Mustang would become Ford's iconic car.

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