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Tamiya 1/35 German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.B | 35281

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SKU: TAM35281 This German assault gun was designed to breach a hole in the enemy front line for assisting infantry units direct in an offensive. Ausf.B is the secomd model of the assault gun developed with Pz.III chassis. Its short barreled (L/24) 75mm gun is powerful enough to destroy enemy MG nests. Tamiya represented this vehicle with its interior of the fighting compartment. The gun breach details, floor and instruments on the walls that can be seen through the openings in the roof are reproduced moderately. Idler wheels and suspension arms are of the new design though the other wheels are from Pz.III Ausf.L kit. Suspension arms are workable, the one at both ends of the road wheels rows are suspended by a spring to keep the height, other wheels inbetween are free. Tracks are of the cementable rubber band type. Basic stainless PE set including air intake grills and a lathed aluminum replacement barrel with twisted rifling is included. One commander figure is included, too
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