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Takom 1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank KV-5 | 2006

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Who said only the Germans had “Paper Panzers?” The Russians had plenty of them, too, and here’s one: the massive, multi-turreted KV-5 Super Heavy Tank! Also known as “Object 225,” the massive KV-5 was planned to weigh in at around 100 tons with armor up to 180mm thick, and was to pack a 107mm cannon in the main turret with a machine gun in the sub turret. The project was cancelled due to the Seige of Leningrad, and no prototypes were ever built. 

But now the design lives on, thanks to Takom! Also thanks to the online tank battle game, World of Tanks, many obscure armored fighting vehicles are becoming more popular, so we may be seeing kits of tanks we never dreamed imaginable. 

Takom’s detailed kit features a metal main gun barrel, photo-etched metal detail parts, clear parts, and a flamethrower-wielding figure. Also includes two marking options. Not bad for a tank that was never actually made! 



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