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Special Hobby 1/72 Me 263V-1 with Scheuch-Schlepper | SH72261

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 Luftwaffe's effort to stop the American-British bombing of Germany led to the usage of unorthodox combat warfare. One of them was the famous r o c k e t Me 1 6 3 Kome t interceptor. The troubles that accompanied its combat deployment were reflected in design of much more advanced aircraft. Its design was shifted between Messerschmitt and Junkers companies. Eventually, the development of the type designated Me 263 was finalized at Messerschmitt. Only single prototype was built. During the trials it exceeded speed of 1000 kmh. Since it was rocket powered aircraft it was not capable of independent taxiing. For this purpose a special tractor Sleuch Schlepper was used. Two versions of trailer were used; either the aircraft was supported by mechanical booms or inflatable bags. The kit contains sprue with Me 263 parts, Sleuch Schlepper sprue, injected clear parts for Me 263 and photo-etched parts. Decals included offer marking for the first prototype.


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