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Special Hobby 1/72 DAP Beaufort Mk.VIII In RAAF Service | SH72027

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Australian built Beauforts were based on the British Beaufort Mk. I but fitted with American Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engines. Thanks to the success of the Australian aircraft, and also the fear that the Bristol engine supply may run short, the British also made a version with the American engines, calling it the Mk. II.

Australian DAP (Department of Aircraft Production) Beauforts were built in six main variants, Mk. V, VI, VII, VA, VIII and IX. The Mk. IX was a freighter version and is not applicable to this kit. The difference between the others was mainly in the engine and propeller combination fitted, although the Mk. VII, VA, and VIII had an enlarged tail fin and the Mk. VIII also had two later model Bristol gun turrets fitted.

In total, there were just under 750 Australian Beauforts built by the Department of Aircraft Production.



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