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Skunk Models 1/48 HH-60H Rescue Hawk | 48011

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SKU: SKW48011 Sikorsky twin turboshaft engine Black Hawk derivative helicopter, US Navy Special Operations/search and rescue variant. Kit feature fine engraved panel lines and raised rivet heads, cockpit and cabin interiors, separate starboard cabin doors and port cockpit door, extended pylon (with choice of 2nd optional long-range fuel tank or pylon for AGM-119 - missile is NOT included), rescue hoist, chin FLIR sensor pod, door guns, detailed rotorhead with choice of folded or extended rotor blades, printed card stock carrier deck base and photo-etch parts (cockpit enhancements, color instrument panels and seatbelts). Decals and painting reference for 2 USN aircraft: BuNo 163786 of HS-14 'Chargers', CVW-5,USS George Washington, 2009 and BuNo 165115 of HS-3 'Tridents', CVW-8, USS Theodore Roosevelt, 2009 - includes stencil data.
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