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MiniArt 1/35 GAZ-MM Mod. 1941 1,5t Cargo Truck | MA35130

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The GAZ (for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny ZavodMM duel axle truck was a simplified wartime production of the earlier GAZ-AA which was a licenced produced copy of theFord Model AA 1.5ton truck. The GAZ-MM simplified features included plain sheet metal front fenders for easy production, just a single headlight, no front brakes and simplified open cab with canvas roof and door covers. They retained the same GAZ 4-cylinder 3285cc engine but uprated to 50hp over the earlier AA engine with 42hp. The GAZ-AA and GAZ-MM were the most widely produced of all the Soviet 1.5t trucks with over 138 thousand trucks produced by the end of the war with post war production continuing until 1950.

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