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MiniArt 1/35 GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck | MA35127

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The GAZ (for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny ZavodAAA triple axle truck was a development of the earlier double axle GAZ-AA which was a licenced produced copy of the Ford Model AA 1.5ton truck. The GAZ-AAA was a simple triple axle  6 x 4  truck that proved to be robust and reliable and apart from the basic cargo truck also formed the basis for numerous variants such as an ambulance, mobile workshop and also a platform for  AA guns. The GAZ-AAA was produced from 1934 to 1943 with modified versions appearing in 1940 with the two spare wheels moved to the front fenders (Miniart kit #35136 to come) and again in 1943 with flat sheet metal fenders (Miniartkit #35133 to come) and was also used as a base for the Ba6 and Ba10 armoured cars.

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