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MIG Productions 1/35 Technical BJ45 and B-11 107mm Recoiless Gun | 35141

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The latest, fourth, kit in the MIG Technical Landcruisers series is longer BJ45 version with Soviet B-11 recoilless rifle. Previous three releases were various versions of shorter BJ44 variant in which the cab and the cargo compartment are one structure. In BJ45 Landcruiser the cargo compartment is separate from the cab. The car in new MIG set is depicted in configuration without doors and windshield and with new wider and larger wheels with "all terrain" tread pattern. New Landcruiser does not have front winch, which was included in two of earlier kits. Small note on the box label says "Lebanon and Africa" suggesting where vehicles in such configuration could have been used. On the instruction sheet is a short quote from the "Battleground Lebanon" book by Sigalit Katz (Concord Publications) in which the use of Soviet B-11 weapon by Palestinian guerillas in Lebanon is described.

The set comes in a MIG standard cardboard box with a few photos of finished model (painted by Miguel Jimenez) on the label. Inside the box are four plastic zip bags with cream colored resin parts and a small instruction sheet printed in full color with a series of photos identifying part numbers and showing the assembly sequence. Unfortunately cream resin parts are not clearly visible on photos - particularly locations of some tiny parts for recoilless rifle are not quite clear. Photos of painted model on the box provide some help however to assemble the kit properly.

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