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Meng 1/35 Vending Machine Dustbin Set | SPS018

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SKU: SPS-018 There are two kinds of objects very common in the streets: vending machines and dustbins.
The earliest known vending machine was an automatic device which accepted coins and dispensed holy water; modern commercial coin-operated vending machines were introduced in London in the early 1880s; however, the first vending machine in the strict sense was introduced in the United States. By now, there are various vending machines selling different kinds of items with more convenient payment methods. Vending machines are very popular in Japan, Europe and America.
Undoubtedly, dustbins used in our daily life are a necessity in the public places.
There are many models on modern subjects. Modern street dioramas are very popular too. Without vending machines and dustbins, it seems that we’ve missed something in the street diorama. Definitely, you can make them yourself but it will take you some time.
To help modellers save time, MENG releases SPS-018 1/35 scale Vending Machine & Dustbin Set plastic model kit. This kit includes two common vending machines and one outdoor dustbin.
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