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Maquette 1/35 D-1 Russian 152mm Field Howitzer | MQ35034

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The D-1 howitzer M1943 is a Soviet WWII era 152.4 mm howitzer. The gun was developed by the design bureau headed by F.F. Petrov in 1942 and 1943, based on the carriage of the 122 mm M1938 howitzer (M-30) and using the barrel of the 152 mm M1938 (M-10) howitzer. This new gun had multiple roles: anti-personnel, and anti-fortification.

The powerful and mobile D-1, with its wide range of ammunition significantly increased the firepower and breakthrough abilities of Red Army tank and motor rifle formations. Several hundred D-1’s were manufactured before the end of WWII.

The D-1 had two-part ammunition: the war-head and the powder charge. It could fire the type 530 high explosive, the type 0-530A fragmentation, the F-533 and F-534 fougasse (anybody know what these were?), and the type G-530 concrete coated shell.

Post WWII, the D-1 saw combat in numerous conflicts during the mid-to late 20th century. The long operational history of the D-1 howitzers in national armies of numerous countries is a testimony to its qualities. The gun still remains in service in a number of post Soviet States and some other coutries. The D-1 is widely considered a valuable element of Soviet artillery.



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