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Kittyhawk 1/32 OS2U Kingfisher | 32016

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SKU: KH32016 The Vought OS2U Kingfisher was an American catapult-launched observation floatplane, and was a compact mid-wing monoplane with a large central float and small stabilizing floats. The OS2U was the main shipboard observation aircraft used by the United States Navy during World War II.

Kit features engraved panel lines, well appointed cockpit and gunner station with Browning machine guns, rotating propeller, detailed Pratt & Whitney radial engine, open radiator flaps, central and stabilizing floats, oleo struts, sway braces, optional choice of wheels, optional floats or conventional landing gear, (2) removable bombs, boarding ladder, multi-part canopy, lights for wing and fuse spine, photo-etch (pilot seatbelt , straps, separate buckles, gunner lap belt, flexible gun mount, cockpit levers etc).

Decals and color markings for six aircraft:
  • OS2U-3, Naval Air Station Corpus, 1942
  • OS2U, VO-1 aboard USS Arizona (BB39), 1941
  • OS2U, VO-1 aboard USS Pennsylvania (BB38), 1940
  • OS2U-3, Soviet Union, based on ex-Italian light cruiser Milwaukee, 1944
  • OS2U-3, US Navy, 1941
  • OS2U, FN768, served in No.765 Sqn, Royal Navy, Sandbanks, 1943

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