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ICM 1/35 Soviet Divisional Artillery Horse Transport (1942-45) | 35482

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Red Army 52-R-353M universal limber with horse transport team and outriders. Kit features well detailed limber with leaf spring suspension, separately molded tools and engineer equipment, Mosin-Nagant rifles (x3), filigree handrail, laminated injection-molded wheel/tire assemblies and fine horse tack elements (including separate harness collar and traces). Also includes 6 horses in 4 poses and 3 outrider figures with separate equipment posed astride their mounts. May be assembled in transport configuration or at rest without central pole and leading bar; some scratch building is required to fully harness the horse team; painting suggestions for equipment and troops. Ideal for use with 76.2mm regimental and divisional guns or 1927 pattern ZiS-2 and ZiS-3 guns.

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