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ICM 1/35 Lastkraftwagen 3,5 t AHN WWII German Army Truck | ICM35416

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The Renault Company began designing of cabover AH series trucks for the French Army in 1939. AHN trucks were widely used in all German arms of service up to the end of war everywhere - in the Soviet-German Front, Italy and France, produced between 1941 and 1944. Kit has separately molded cab, hood and doors, cab with interior, detailed suspension and driveline, engine, rubber tires - includes spare with rack, gas tank and jerry cans, windshield wipers, injection-molded clear parts for (windshield, windows and headlights), plank texture bed and rails. Decals and markings for 4 vehicles: Russia (Winter) 1941; Ukraine (Summer) 1942; France 1944 and Italy 1943.

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