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Eduard 1/48 Hellcat Mk. I/Mk. II DUAL COMBO | 8223

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SKU: EDU8223

Plastic kit Hellcat Mk.I/II 1/48 Dual Combo in ProfiPack edition.
US WWII fighter plane in British service.
Kit contains sprues for building two kits.

  • plastic parts: Eduard
  • No. of decal options: 6
  • Decals: Cartograf
  • PE parts: yes, color
  • painting mask: yes
  • Resin parts: main undercarriage wheels

Marking options:

  • Hellcat Mk.I JV132, Lt. Blythe Ritchie, No.800 Sqn FAA, HMS Emperor, May 8, 1944

  • Hellcat Mk.I JV131, No.800 Sqn FAA, HMS Emperor, June, 1944

  • Hellcat Mk.I FN430, No.1844 Sqn FAA, P/O Hannay, HMS Indomitable, August 24, 1944

  • Hellcat Mk.II JX814, No.1844 Sqn FAA, Sub-Lieutenant W.M.C. Foster, HMS Indomitable, Okinawa, April 12, 1945

  • Hellcat Mk.II JZ796, No.808 Sqn FAA, Sub-Lieutenant Oscar Lorenzo, HMS Khedive and HMS Trincomalee, Ceylon, 1945

  • Hellcat Mk.II JZ935, No.1839 Sqn FAA, HMS Indomitable, Sub-Lieutenant T.B. Speak, April 5th, 1945

Model length: 215 mm
Wingspan: 273 mm
Plastic parts: 2x141

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