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Dragon 1/350 U.S.S. Livermore DD-429 1942 | DRA1027

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The U.S.S. Livermore (DD-429) was a Gleaves-class destroyer commissioned on 7 October 1940. It was named after Samuel Livermore, a naval chaplain. Despite the USA’s neutrality at that time, it escorted convoys heading for the UK, and performed a shadowy war against German U-boat packs. It also endured other dangers such as grounding in a storm and being fired upon by a friendly artillery battery on Iceland. Upon the USA’s entry into WWII after Pearl Harbor, it conducted numerous transatlantic escort missions, and also supported Allied landings in North Africa in November 1942. The U.S.S. Livermore also supported landings in Sicily and later the invasion of southern France.

The USS Livermore enjoyed an eventful wartime life, and she has been recreated in 1/350 scale by Dragon’s experienced engineers. This Smart Kit represents the destroyer as it appeared in 1942 during its Atlantic and Mediterranean service. The kit features a brand new mid-ship superstructure on which a second quintuple torpedo launcher has been added. Also new are hooded vents on the superstructure, and the aft superstructure deck with two 20mm AA mounts. These modifications make this Gleaves-class destroyer appear distinctive from other previously released kits. A large number of extras - like photo-etched ladders, antennas, and even rudders for the whaleboats - offer maximum realism. The kit even includes half a dozen crewmen sculpted accurately to scale. This is a fine Smart Kit in Dragon’s 1/350 warship series, and it is ready for immediate (1942) duty!

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