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Dragon 1/35 U.S. M4A1 DV | 6404

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The M4A1 featured a cast hull, and it was the first Sherman production type to leave the Lima Locomotive Works, Ohio, in February 1942, shortly after the USA entered WWII. In actual fact, the direct-vision slots were soon eliminated from the design since they were deemed to be a ballistic weakness in the hull design. These American tanks fought in North Africa after the Operation Torch landings in Tunisia, including such famous battles as the one at Kasserine Pass. They later also participated in the invasion of Sicily and fought in Italy.

This kit integrates all the superior details of the El Alamein Sherman (Item No. 6447) with a number of unique features for this M4A1 tank under American command. There are new front and rear fenders made from photo-etched parts in order to give a scale thickness appearance. The engine deck has a new arrangement that incorporates new rail handles. A wide selection of photo-etched metal parts and items such as T41 tracks made from DS guarantee a pleasurable build. This exciting new kit offers modelers the ability to produce an early Sherman fighting in a North African or Mediterranean scene.

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