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Dragon 1/35 T-34/76 Germany Army | 6185

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SKU: DRA6185

This kit features a captured T-34 with modified German parts and emblems.


- New-tooled Pz. III commander cupola (with vision block open/close option!!)
- Clear parts cupola direct vision port
- New-tooled T-34 turret hatch
- New-tooled German OVM
- New-tooled storage bins and tool box
- New-tooled notek blackout light and rear light
- Photo-etch parts
- Cartograf decal
- Metallic tow cable

About the T-34:
Due to its superiority in design, armor protection, mobility and powerful gun, T-34s were usually reused at once by the German troops capturing them. To avoid friend/foe recognition, large dimension German crosses or swastikas were painted on the tanks. Some T-34s were also re-equipped with German OVM and storage boxes, and even adopted a Pz. III cupola for better vision.

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