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Dragon 1/35 Sexton II 25pdr SP Tracked | 6760

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  • Newly molded Sexton II w/intricate detail 
  • Stowage bins added to the rear fighting-compartment 
  • One-piece slide-molded gun barrel w/hollow muzzle brake 
  • Gun mount w/hand wheels finely reproduced 
  • One-piece slide-molded gun barrel w/hollow end 
  • Vision port accurately molded 
  • Detailed bolt heads molded on 
  • Well-defined headlamps reproduced 
  • Jerry cans reproduced on the rear of Sexton II 
  • Wire cage rendered w/details 
  • Transmission realistically produced 
  • Radio rendered w/fine detail 
  • Engine deck produced w/astonishing detail 
  • Engine rear doors assembled 
  • Detailed instrument panel includes driver's controls 
  • Bolts and rivets delicately represented on hull bottom 
  • Lower hull made by 2-directional slide molds 
  • Fire extinguishers realistically produced 
  • Fighting compartment w/accurate interior detail 
  • On-vehicle tools delicately recreated 
  • Finely detailed suspension system 
  • DS tracks reproduced w/refined detail

Dragon released a splendid 1/35 scale kit of the Priest self-propelled gun (SPG) as used by the US Army and also by the British Army in the North African campaign. Now, its British counterpart has appeared within Dragon's ranks! Called the Sexton, this SPG was built in Canada by the Montreal Locomotive Works and it mounted the famed British 25-pdr howitzer. The Sexton appeared in 1943 and it replaced the US-built M7 Priest that featured a 105mm gun. It's the Sexton II that's depicted in this kit. This 25.86-tonne SPG was first used in Italy by the 8th Army, and they were also widely used in France and Western Europe. It operated with a crew of six men.

Dragon's kit of the Sexton II, while it bears a striking similarity to the M7 Priest, is most definitely a brand new kit. It features a brand new fighting compartment, new armor plates, a new engine deck and an all-new interior. Obviously, the design team went right back to basics to create this kit. The main armament makes use of the 25-pdr Field Gun kit that Dragon introduced before, although even this had to be modified to allow for the special mount that allowed its installation. The muzzle brake is made from scratch too. Furthermore, the chassis is starkly different to that used on the Priest. Meanwhile, the bogies and road wheels stem from the high-quality Sherman kits that Dragon is renowned for. Indeed, this new Dragon Sexton II is an answer to many a modeler's prayers!

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