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Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.251/16 Ausf.C Flammpanzerwagen | 6202

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SKU: DRA6202

New-Tooled Parts:

- 2 x 14mm flame projectors, spray tubes and shield in maximum details
- 2 kinds of spray tubes (with cradle locked & unlocked)
- Spray tubes firing/transporting option (with/without cap)
- 7mm portable flame projector and its fuel supply hose
- Precisely molded fuel supply devices including fuel pipes and hoses
- 2 x fuel tanks
- Detailed fuel pump
- Detailed gasoline engine for pumping
- Completely new arrangement of the fighting compartment
- New-tooled rear seat
- Rifle storage rack
- Two new-sculpted projector operators in flameproof overalls
- Two additional masked heads provided

Special Features:
- Rivetted hull
- Projector cradles lock/unlock option
- Improved sprocket, road wheel details
- Accurately shaped notek blackout light
- Front seats with extreme details
- Storage boxes with open/close option
- Individual track links
- Clear vision blocks with interior and open/close option
- Photo-etched parts
- Front & rear MG mount (can be rotated)

Bonus items:
- Extra welded hull
- A bonus driver
- Brass width indicator bars
- Vinyl uniform x 2
- Three big decal sheets by Cartogarf for various Pz.Gren. Div.
- Silver stickers for side mirrors

About the Flammpanzerwagen:
The SdKfz 251/16, otherwise known as the Mittlerer Flammpanzerwagen, was certainly one of the most and interesting and special members of the famous SdKfz 251 German halftrack family. This flame-throwing variant was basically built on the chassis of the Ausf.C. It was armed with two 14mm projectors and a portable flamethrower connected to a 10M hose, which were rare but very effective weapons. Supplied by two tanks of flammable mixture with a total of 700L, these powerful projectors could burst 80 fire shots with a maximum range of 32M. Starting from January 1943, a total of 347 vehicles were produced. During WWII, these frightening flamethrowers were employed mostly in Russia, Italy, Arnhem and France by the German army.

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