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Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.182 Kingtiger Henschel Turret Last Production w/Transport Track | 6209

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- Newly tooled hatches on hull front rendered w/fine details
- Newly tooled fenders w/intricate detail
- Newly designed turret w/realistic spare tracks molded details
- Loader's hatch with interior details
- Pilz on turret roof
- Multi-direction slide-molded cupola
- Cupola with fine interior details-head pad and clear parts
- Separate commander's hatch swivel arm
- Intricate on-vehicle tools reproduced
- Slide-molded muzzle brake
- Bonus aluminum gun barrel
- Accurate details of exhaust extension
- Rear turret hatch can be modeled open/closed
- Optional metal tow cable on engine deck exhibited
- Photo-etched engine deck grills and engine grills
- Authentic sprocket wheels w/18-teeth
- Road wheels are accurately reproduced
- Highly detailed tracks
- Clear periscope parts for driver's and radio operator's hatch
- Upgraded frontal MG can rotate
- Close-defense weapon can be assembled open/closed

One of the most impressive tanks of WWII was the German Tiger II. This heavy tank tipped the scales at 69.8 tonnes, and it was designed from the outset to be even more formidable than the Tiger I. Its well-sloped armor plates offered excellent protection for the crew, while mounted in the turret was a lethal 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 gun. The Tiger II’s first combat action was in the Normandy campaign in the summer of 1944. While the production of many Ko"nigstiger (King Tiger) tanks was planned, Allied bombing raids severely curtailed manufacturing at the Henschel plant. In the end, only 492 Tiger IIs were produced up till the end of the war. The standard Henschel type used overlapping rather than interleaved road wheels (as on the Tiger I), and the standard Serien Turm (serial turret) used angled plates rather than the curved frontal plate of the earlier Porsche turret.

Dragon announced some time ago the creation of a Final-Production version of the King Tiger with Henschel turret. At last this important project has come to fruition, and the result is a phenomenally detailed 1/35 scale kit. It features new driver and radio operator's hatches that incorporates appropriately new front fenders. The turret, too, is updated with a newly tooled rear hatch. All these new features help create a King Tiger design emanating from the dying days of the Third Reich. Another novel feature about this kit is that the tank features the narrower 660mm-wide links of transport tracks instead of the normal 800mm-wide combat tracks. All these modifications, along with Dragon’s famed engineering excellence, guarantee a pleasurable build of one of the most dangerous tanks of WWII.

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