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Dragon 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.C mit Zusatzpanzer | 6432

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  • Newly tooled uparmored Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.C turret
  • Authentic details on turret bottom.
  • 2cm Kw.K 30 gun with correct detail.
  • Slide-molded gun barrel with hollow muzzle end.
  • Completely New uparmoured upper hull for Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. C with fenders and engine deck fully detailed.
  • Photo-etched exhaust shield in exquisite detail.
  • ZF-4 scope with well-defined detail.
  • Driver's hatch can be assembled open or closed.
  • Fully detailed cupola with periscopes.
  • Driver's visor can be assembled open/closed.
  • Accurate details on hull bottom.
  • Fenders with detailed tread pattern.
  • Large storage box can be assembled open or closed.
  • Road wheels and return rollers beautifully rendered with detail.
  • Detailed idler wheels.
  • Detailed driver sprockets.
  • Seat backs accurately recreated.
  • Side engine compartment ventilation exquisitely detailed.
  • Gen2 MG34 with gun cradle.
  • Detailed suspension system.
  • Fuel tank reproduced with firewall assembly.
  • Detailed injection-molded on-vehicle tools with brackets.
  • Air filter with delicate detail.
  • Additional set of on-vehicle tools without brackets.
  • Photo-etched jack brackets.
  • Jack in accurate details.
  • Authentic jerry cans come with photo-etched parts.
  • Magic Tracks in great detail.
  • New Cartograf decals offer different marking choices. 

About this Panzer II

As Germany developed its much-vaunted panzer forces in the 1930s, the Pz.Kpfw.II played an important role. Though only designed as a stopgap vehicle while the more powerful Panzer III and IV tanks were being developed, it played a key part in early WWII campaigns such as Poland, France, the Balkans, North Africa and Russia. Indeed, it was the principal main battle tank of the panzer divisions in 1940. By 1943, production of the Panzer II had ceased, though the chassis was to form the basis of a number of other armored vehicles. Last year, Cyber Hobby released a 1/35 scale kit of a Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. F (Item No. 6263), and this proved to be a hugely popular subject. Cyber Hobby is now following it with an earlier variant in the Panzer II family – an Ausf.C. The Ausf.C was the standard production model from June 1938 through to April 1940, with a total of 1,113 tanks produced. It was the most numerous variant of the Panzer II, and it served in armored units through much of the war. This means the kit will have widespread appeal, as it opens up so many options for modeling. The kit utilizes high-quality components from the preceding Ausf.F kit, but it has many brand new parts. There’s a new turret and upper hull to reflect the appearance of this particular tank. Designers resorted to widely using slide molds in order to gain the necessary level of detail, plus there’s a generous inclusion of multimedia parts. While the tank is brimming with detail, designers have been careful to make sure it remains easy to assemble. The Panzer II may have been a small tank, but Cyber Hobby has managed to pack an enormous amount of detail into this kit. With a whole range of modeling vistas opened up – from the North African desert dunes to the mud of the Eastern Front or the cobbled stones of a French town - this kit is destined for great things in the hands of modelers!

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