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Dragon 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen VI (P) | 6352

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SKU: DRA6352


- Turret stowage bin brackets and spare track racks made from photo-etched parts
- Barrel recoils as in real firing
- New muzzle brake NEW TOOLING
- Upgraded, Finely detailed gun assembly
- Newly tooled turret vision ports NEW TOOLING
- Driver's periscope and front head lamp made from clear parts
- Upgraded Frontal Machine Gun can rotate
- New design for escape hatch assembly NEW TOOLING
- Newly updated road wheels NEW TOOLING
- New tooled Magic tracks NEW TOOLING
- Metal tow cable with slide-molded cable heads
- Photo-etched fender brackets and fender hinges
- Upgraded Jack
- Upgraded loader's hatch with interior details
- Photo-etched smoke signal basket
- Upgraded commander's cipola w/ clear parts and slide-molded main component
- Cupola hatch redesigned
- Photo-etched tool clasps
- Bonus OVM w/o tool clasps BONUS
- Photo-etched engine deck grills

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