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Dragon 1/35 M4 Sherman "Composite Hull" PTO | 6441

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SKU: 6441 Features:
Completely accurately composite hull with cast texture is newly tooled
- Newly designed angle of rear hull based on actual Army schematics
- Newly molded front hull with accurate shape
- Newly molded driver's and radio operator's hatches w/interior detail can be assembled open/closed
- Newly tooled one-piece DS T-48 tracks
- Newly tooled one-piece transmission cover with cast texture
- Bolt detail on transmission cover realistically rendered
- Newly molded welding seams like the real one
- Slide-molded gun barrel
- Two options of turret was designed base on actual Army schematics
- Separtate pistol port hatch that can be assembled open or close
- The Bolt connecting plate for the gun shield attachment looks completely integral after assembly
- Rotor shield newly designed according to Army schematics
- Accurate gun shield with fine bolt details
- Cupola is molded in detail
- Commander's hatch with periscope assembly
- Loader's hatch and cover of periscopes can be assembled open/close
- Gun travel lock can be modeled in travel or combat modes
- Hull side plates are accurately reproduced, with a correct horizontal upper edge
- Fuel caps with interior detail can be modeled open or close
- Siren molded in detail
- Finely rendered headlight and horn guards
- Sprocket molded in detail
- On-vehicle tools delicately recreated
- Layout accurately reproduced on-vehicle tools
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