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Dragon 1/35 M4 DV | 6579

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- Newly tooled frontal glacis w/direct vision hoods accurately reproduced
- Newly tooled one-piece upper hull
- Upper hull rear in 90 degree accurately represented
- Direct vision covers can be molded open/closed
- Detail tooled antenna mount at the rear
- Commander's hatch w/periscope assembled open/closed
- Bolted connecting plate for gun shield attachment rendered in fine detail
- Realistic MG port and radio bracket molded w/cast detail
- Finely detailed 3-piece trasmission cover made from multiple slide-molded parts
- Engine rear doors w/great detail
- Detailed engine-deck w/splash guard and air-intake cover
- One-piece chassis w/bolt details
- Suspension system realistically produced
- OVM w/clasps detail
- Detailed headlight and horn guards
- Fully details T41 DS Tracks

In WWII, armored forces of the Allies relied heavily on the M4 Sherman tank, with more than 50,000 examples rolling off a number of factory floors. There were numerous versions of the Sherman due to place of production and developmental modifications introduced along the way. Dragon has already released a number of fine 1/35 plastic renditions of various Sherman types, but gaps still remain in its coverage. Item No.6579, an M4 DV, thus makes a valuable contribution to the Sherman family tree.

The M4 DV was an early-production variant of the Sherman, with DV standing for “Direct Vision”. This refers to the armored visors for the driver and co-driver at the front of the hull. On later vehicles these were deleted from the glacis plate in the interests of armor integrity.

Dragon has previously released an M4A1 DV, but this newest kit is the M4 with welded hull and three-piece bolted nose, such as those tanks produced at the Baldwin Locomotive Plant. Baldwin manufactured 1233 tanks from January 1943 through to January 1944. This 1/35 scale kit includes a brand new upper hull that correctly depicts the DV slots. For greater versatility, these vision-port covers can be displayed open or closed. The hull also correctly depicts the 90^(o) angle at the lower rear corner. This is a fine Smart Kit filled with practical touches like T41 tracks made from DS, and widespread use of slide-molded components. As a Smart Kit it is finely engineered and gives Sherman lovers yet another object upon which to direct their vision!

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