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Dragon 1/35 "Last Battle" (Austria 1945) | 6278

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Consisting of four figures, this kit depicts a scene late in the war when the Third Reich was crumbling.

Each figure includes extra arms and torsos so they can be assembled in two different ways. This kit is an excellent addition to our new GEN 2 Series. It is perfect for modellers who are interested in the late war era.

Main Features:

  • Kit includes four figures
  • Each figure has extra arms and torso for multiple assembly options
  • Highly detailed GEN 2 sculpting
  • Historically accurate weapons and equipment such as the M44 field blouse, M44 trousers, ankle boots with gaiters, M42 helmets, Kar98K rifles, MP44 automatic weapons and Panzerfausts
  • Photo-etched parts for the gun slings, belt buckles, insignia and more
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