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Dragon 1/35 Italian Infantry (El Alamein 1942) | 6391

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After its declaration of war on June 10 1940, Italy had 250,000 troops available to fight against 30,000 British troops in North Africa. However, things didn’t go well for the Italian Army, and after an Allied advance of 800km in December 1940, it was nearly destroyed. At this point, the Italian defense was stiffened by the arrival of General Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Korps. The desert war was to seesaw back and forth, with Italian soldiers playing an important part in the various battles, until Axis units in North Africa eventually surrendered in May 1943.

Dragon’s newest 1/35 scale figure set depicts four Italian soldiers fighting in the hot and dry deserts of North Africa. Indeed, it completes a trilogy of El Alamein sets after the earlier No. 6389 DAK Infantry and No. 6390 8th Army figure sets. This set of Italian figures is set to be a singular success, especially considering it’s the very first in decades to be produced to an up-to-date standard. These Italian infantrymen with full equipment are sharply molded and realistically posed for desert fighting, with every item in the box being a brand new tooling. Their brand new weapons include an M1934 pistol, M1938 submachine gun, M1930 light machinegun and M1891/1938 carbine. A variety of uniform items and headgear also offer modelers exciting prospects. With this perfect combination of molding technology, maximum detail and innovative subject matter, this set of Italian Army infantrymen in North Africa will prove to be a valuable and popular release.

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