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Dragon 1/35 German s.10cm Kanone 18 | 6411

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- Brand new s.10cm K18 Kanone
- Gun breech is newly designed
- New breechblock intricately represented
- Newly tooled recoil track cover with crisp detail
- Either combat aor travel modes can be selected for assembly
- Gun can elevate to different angles
- Gun recoils like the real one
- Slide-molded recoil system
- Beautifully detailed slide-molded gun trails
- Crisp nut and bolt detail incorporated
- Two options for assembly of trail spades - combat or travel mode
- Photo-etched components for gun that allow it to elevate
- Traversing gear realistically represented
- Fully detailed trail spades
- Rifling inside gun barrel realistically rendered
- Aluminium gun barrel w/hollow end
- Lathed brass parts to upgrade details
- Highly detailed gun cradle mount is slide molded
- Slide-molded wheels with weld detail
- Nuts sharply represented on road wheels
- Two types of ammunition with separated parts included as bonus
- Suspension for K18 with steering mechanism
- Includes toolboxes on gun trails
- Detailed hand wheels replicated
- Periscope gun sight in clear plastic
- OVM on K18 fully reproduced
- Firing lanyard
- Cleaning rods for K18 are supplied
- Ranging poles included

There was an astounding response from the modeling fraternity to Dragon’s German 15cm s.FH.18 Howitzer few years ago. This is due to the artillery kit’s thorough research, accurate design, and widespread use of slide-mold technology. This big howitzer kit achieved instant popularity, especially in a market where there is a dearth of German artillery kits. Dragon has now rewarded modelers by adding another artillery piece to the 1/35 scale range - the latest offering is the German 10.5cm Kanone 18!

The 5.6-ton K18 was of 10.5cm caliber, and was based on the high-speed towing carriage of the s.FH.18. Designed to be a long-range medium artillery piece, it was the standard weapon in medium artillery battalions. The gun had a range of 20,850 yards, and it remained in service throughout the war. A crew of ten operated this howitzer that was first introduced in 1934. This kit is naturally based on Dragon’s original s.FH.18 Howitzer, so it offers all its relevant, accurate components such as the carriage. New for this kit is a highly accurate breech, breech block and aluminum gun barrel. This eagerly anticipated kit follows Dragon’s successful Smart Kit formula, and this medium howitzer will feel perfectly at home in a diorama or display base!

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