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Dragon 1/35 German Cossack Cavalry | 6410

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The Cossacks are traditional people living on the southern steppes of Russia and the Ukraine. Famed for their military expertise and horsemanship, Cossacks fought with both the Red Army and White Army in the Russian Revolution, and they could also be found fighting again on both sides during WWII. The most famous unit of Cossacks supporting the Axis was the 15th SS Cossack Cavalry Corps, which fought against Yugoslav partisans. Dragon has before featured in its ranks a set of Cossack horsemen, but this set has now benefited from a complete overhaul under the Premium Edition label.

With their breeches, traditional headgear, and shashka (sabers), the two “German” Cossacks have a unique appearance. Of special note is that these cavalrymen have received fresh new mounts to gallop on! The horses are made to Dragon’s stringent Gen2 standards, as is all the relevant horse-riding paraphernalia. This means the horses possess phenomenal detail, and form a valuable equine source for dioramas and vignettes. There is also a fret of photo-etched parts for items such as the reins and stirrups, which offer a maximum amount of detail. There are still an estimated 150,000 Cossacks enrolled in Russian military service today, but Dragon has succeeded in resurrecting some of their WWII forebears. This Premium Edition set makes an up-to-date and ideal pairing of horse and man, a combination restricted only by the modeler’s imagination!

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