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Dragon 1/35 Ardelt-Rheinmetall 8.8cm Pak 43 Waffentrager | 6728

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SKU: DRA6728


  • Newly tooled handrail reproduced 
  • Newly tooled transmission produced in separate parts 
  • 8.8cm PaK Waffentrager w/newly designed glacis plate and interior 
  • Realistic 8.8cm gun newly designed 
  • Realistic ammo mounted on the side of turret 
  • Hatch in rear of fighting compartment can be assembled open/closed 
  • Realistic radio power supplies included 
  • Realistic gunner's seat 
  • Radio rack made from photo-etched parts 
  • Optional photo-etched covers reproduced on driver's seat 
  • Gun travel lock can be assembled in either travel or combat mode 
  • Slide-molded one-piece gun barrel 
  • Hollow muzzle brake 
  • Photo-etched gun armor skirt can be optionally assembled 
  • Intricate gun sight offers great detail definition 
  • Ventilation grill molded on hull front 
  • Fighting compartment produced in separate parts 
  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull 
  • Individual tracks reproduced 
  • Delicate idler wheels reproduced 
  • Drive sprocket w/multi-part assembly to achieve the highest levels of detail and accuracy
  • Road wheels with precise detail 
  • Suspension system as per the real vehicle; slide-molded suspension arms and springs 
    w/delicate detail
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