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Dragon 1/35 88mm Flak 36 w/Flak Artillery Crew | 6260

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SKU: DML6260

- ALL NEW tooling

Cradle and Shield
- Two kinds of gun cradles, each with full internal details
- Exquisitely detailed traverse wheels
- Handles on the gun crew seat can be assembled in either operational or transportation mode
- Detailed fuse setter
- Detachable gun shield (depending on which gun mount is used)
- Slide molded one-piece shield with exquisite detail on both faces
- Shield is molded to correct scale thickness
- Armored viewing cover can be open/closed

Traversing pedestal and cruciform legs
- Fully detailed gun mount (unsurpassed detail)
- Full detail on all surfaces, including turntable and bottom plate
- Fully functional and highly detailed cruciform legs
- Right/left legs can be folded up for transportation
- Stabilising jack assemblies can be height adjusted for uneven ground
- Slide-molded securing spikes
- Additional half-length securing spikes suitable for dioramas

- Fully detailed trailer
- Slide molded one-piece front and rear trailer units
- Individual suspension components
- Full detail for trailer's brake system and fittings
- Cable reel has full detail w/ cable
- Workable towing bar is detachable
- Groundbreaking injection molded multi-layered tires w/extreme detail

- 6 man gun crew w/range finder
- Metal recuperator
- Aluminum barrel for Type 18 barrel
- Aluminum barrel for Type 36 barrel (two separate parts)
- Brass ammo x 3 types
- Ammo box x 2 types (wooden and wicker)
- Photo-etched parts
- Cartograf decals for the camouflage paint scheme on gun shield
- Cartograf decals for various divisional markings
- Metal chains
- Stunning box art by Mr. Ron Volstad

About the 88mm Flak:
The German eighty-eight is probably the best known, even famous, artillery piece of World War II. It was not one gun, but a series of anti-aircraft guns officially called the 8.8 cm Flak 18, 36 or 37. Flak is a German short form of Fliegerabwehrkanone, meaning anti-aircraft gun, the original purpose of the eighty-eight.

The Flak 36, which included a two-piece barrel for easier replacement of worn liners, and included a new (and heavier) trailer that allowed it to be set up much more quickly, simply dropping the base while still mounted on the wheels. This made it much more useful to the troops during fast moving operations, the basic concept of the blitzkrieg.

The eighty-eight was used in two roles, one as a mobile heavy anti-aircraft battery, and also in a more static role for the defence of Germany. In this later role the guns were arranged into large batteries, directed by a single controller, and were moved only rarely. Changes for the Flak 36 improved mobility at the price of weight.

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