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Dragon 1/35 3cm Flak 38/103 Jaboschreck w/Trailer | 6353

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It is always a special occasion when a completely new subject appears in 1:35 scale as a mainstream plastic kit, putting the subject within the reach of all modelers. This is precisely the case with Dragon’s new 3cm Flak 103/38 kit. Never before produced by any plastic kit manufacturer, this German anti-aircraft weapon is superbly designed and detailed.

Dragon has provided magnificent levels of detail on this more unusual Flak piece, with a combination of plastic slide-mold technology and photo-etched parts. The results? Parts, such as the photo-etched gun shield, are produced perfectly to scale. Interestingly, the same 30mm cannon was to be dual-mounted in the experimental Kugelblitz based on the Panzer IV hull. For modelers wanting inspiring new subjects, then the 3cm Flak 103/38 is an great choice!


- Brand new 3cm Flak gun assembly - first time as a 1/35 scale kit NEW
- Slide-molded gun barrel w/ hollow muzzle end
- Flash suppressor and muzzle brake intricately reproduced in plastic and photo-etched parts - Gun shield molded to correct scale thickness
- Updated center shield
- Targeting sight modeled in plastic and photo-etched parts for extreme detail
- Cannon can be elevated in any one of four positions according to modeler’s wishes
- Newly designed ammo boxes NEW

Gun Platform
- Updated platform structure for 3cm Flak
- Round base plate with authentic details
- Accurate weld seams on sides of gun platform
- Hand wheels around platform base have sharp detail
- Hand wheels have option of bonus photo-etched parts

- Trailer with well-defined details
- Trailer can be portrayed in transport or combat deployed modes

- Bonus photo-etched gunner’s shield
- Bonus preformed photo-etched gun shield
- New Cartograf decal NEW

About the 3cm Flak 103/38:
In actual fact, this “Jaboschreck’ developed in 1944 was a union of the carriage from the Flak 38 mated to the Luftwaffe’s Mk.103 cannon of 30mm caliber. As the war progressed, Germany had found that the 20mm Flak cannon lacked sufficient punch, and the 37mm Flak gun was only available in limited numbers. The 3cm Flak 103/38 was a makeshift solution to provide a more powerful anti-aircraft capability. The Flak 103/38 weighed 618kg, and the gun could rotate 360^(o) with an elevation of 80^(o).

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