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Dragon 1/35 2cm Flak 38 mit Sd.Ah.51 | 6288

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Main Features:

- slide-molded one piece gun barrel with hollow muzzle opening
- hole positions and shape of flash suppressor & muzzle brake subtly represented
- three types of barrel (standard model, late model and Schwebelafette version) can be assembled
- gun cradle offers great definition of detail
- spent shell case frame is truly replicated
- spent shell case made from photo-etched parts
- slide-molded ammo clips
- cannon can be elevated in any one of four positions according to modelers' intentions
- gun sight with well defined details
- gun shield is molded to correct scale thickness
- slide-molded spare barrel case (with spare barrel molded inside)

Gun Platform
- round base plate with authentic details
- accurate weld seams on the sides of gun platform
- tightening hand wheels around the platform base have sharp detail

- trailer with well defined details
- trailer can be portrayed in transport or 'at rest' modes
- tool box with lock details made from slide-molds

- detailed slide-molded ammo boxes
- bonus photo-etched gun shield (Pre-formed)
- tightening hand wheels have option of bonus photo-etched parts
- bonus photo-etched gunner's shield
- Cartograf decals offer different markings
- Stunning box art by Mr. Ron Volstad

About the 2cm Flak 38:
The Flakvierling 38 was a German anti-aircraft gun used in World War II. Originally produced for the Kriegsmarine in 1938, it was accepted by the Luftwaffe and ground forces in 1940 and remained in production until 1945. It was widely used against low-flying Allied aircraft and was often installed in flak towers and other permanent mounts. The gun was as effective against armoured vehicles as it was against aircraft.

The weapon consisted of mounted 2cm Flak 38 AA gun with collapsing seats, folding handles, and ammunition racks. The mount had a triangular base with a jack at each leg for leveling the gun. The tracker traversed and elevated the mount manually using two handwheels. The gun was fired by a set of two foot pedals and could be operated either automatically of semi-automatically. When raised, the weapon measured 10 feet 1 inch high.

The mounted gun fired from a 20-round magazine at a maximum rate of fire of 350 rounds per minute (reduced to 200 rounds per minute for combat use). Its effective vertical range was 2200 meters, but it was used just as effectively against armoured vehicles as it was against low-flying aircraft.

The gun was normally transported on a trailer, and could be towed behind a variety of half-tracks or trucks, such as the Opel Blitz, SdKfz 251 and SdKfz 11. It was also mounted onto half-tracks and tank bodies to produce mobile anti-aircraft vehicles, such as the SdKfz 7/1 (based on the SdKfz 7 half-track) and the Mobelwagen and Wirbelwind (both based on the Panzer IV tank). In Kriegsmarine use it was fitted to boats and ships to provide short-range anti-aircraft defence, and was also employed in fixed installations around ports, harbours and other strategic naval targets.

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