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Bronco 1/35 T17E1 Staghound A/C Mk.I | CB35011

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The Staghound was a heavy 4x4 armored car of US design for the British Army, coming into service during 1943 and while given the US designation M6 was not used by US forces during WWII. It also served with a number of Allied forces during WWII such as Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand and a well as seeing extensive post war service with Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, India, Israel, Lebanon, Netherlands, Rhodesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa Sudan and several Latin American countries such as Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua remaining in service well into the 80’s in some cases.

Other versions were built including an AA version and fitted with the Crusader turret (Mk.III) as well as the basis for other experimental types.

It was powered by two Chevrolet 270 CID engines mounted side by side in the rear of the vehicle with the gearboxes driving through reduction gears to a central transfer box and was armed with the 37mm M6 main gun and three .30cal machine guns, one on the front hull, the co-axial turret gun and top mounted for AA use as well being fitted with the standard British No.19 radio set in the turret bustle.


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